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AJ Hinch steps out of the Astros logo theft scandal due to his new job

AJ Hinch wears a pinstripe suit with a light-colored square in his pocket and becomes the manager of the garment Detroit Tigers.“Data-reactid =” 16″> It has been less than three full days since he calculated the final record of the World Series. At the detention clock, AJ Hinch, who was listless at the last moment, wore a pinstripe suit and a light square in his pocket. , Became the manager of the Detroit Tigers.

During the time he was away from the game, he was 46 years old, spent a few weeks in a lake bay in Michigan, then contracted, then recovered from COVID-19, raised his daughter, watched a lot of baseball, and Trying to remember what he once thought of himself. Then he started trying to be that guy again.

He said: “I have a lot of time to do everything.”

So why not dump the guy who spent most of the past year on that guy in the mud?

Xin Qi said: “This is a big topic in my life, because I have reflected and learned to grow, and finally freed from the very wrong things.” “As I told [owner Chris] Ilic and Al [Avila, general manager] Both are part of my story. That’s not a tiger’s story. And I understand the problem, and understand how wrong it is. I am sorry for this. I have already said it and I will say it again. I will keep talking. When spending this year with my family, I will never forget how I felt in the past. “

He said that these players, his new players, will receive a letter from him next month.

He said: “It’s definitely a difficult conversation.” “And I will give them one by one. I will treat them as a team. …sorry, they will have to deal with it, and we will have to talk about it. But this is who we are Reality, because wrong is wrong. This is very wrong. And I will make sure that everyone knows that I feel responsible because I am the manager and have been on my watch and I will never forget it.”

astronaut. They haven’t won the World Series for nearly 40 years. The reconstruction of the organization caused them to lose 114 losses in 2019, and the last one in 2020. They need better players. They need promising players to grow into their bodies, fastballs and potential. They need time, sharpness, and good luck. This is all that is needed between playing the game and winning the game. “Data-reactid=”30″> The Tigers have spent 6 years, it doesn’t matter, most of them are trapped in the shadow of Hinch Astros: they have not won the world for nearly 40 years The championship of the big game, their organizational reconstruction caused them to lose 114 goals in 2019 and get the last place in 2020. They need better players, and they need promising players to grow into their bodies. Fastball they need time, sharpness and good luck. This is all the conditions between playing the game and winning the game.

A few days after the suspension of the Astros logo misappropriation program ended, AJ Hinch once again assumed a management position. (Photo: Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Spit from cheating scandal Forever soiled a chain store, its employees and its achievements. If there is a question to ask some of them how long it will take to come back, no matter how regrettable, the answer is on Tuesday night: about half an hour. “Data-reactid=”42″>Currently they have AJ Hinch, a sentence spit out from the deceptive scandal: forever polluting a chain store, its employees and their achievements. If there is a question to ask some of them will No matter how long I have been invited back, the answer is Tuesday night: about half an hour.

Willie Adams, So Hinch’s one-week suspension period has expired for 30 minutes. The caller is Al Avila, general manager of the Tigers. “Data-reactid =” 43″> Hinch’s phone rang 30 minutes after Julio Urias hit Willy Adames, therefore, 30 minutes after Hinch’s entire season’s suspension period ended. Tigers general manager Avila.

“Hello?” Xin Qi said.

“AJ, it’s Al, I hope you get on the plane tomorrow.”

“Of course,” Hinch said. “Book, I will arrive in Detroit as soon as possible.”

He is in Detroit until Wednesday. He made the offer before Thursday. By Friday, he was wearing a pinstriped suit with light gray pockets.

He went back to the game he was uncertain about, and he didn’t know that the latest market inefficiencies might be the ones that bothered managers and rebuilt the team.

He will always be the manager in charge when baseball needs the person responsible, the person in charge of putting the game in front of him and the person who will defend the game first. He was not wayward enough at the time. Only he will know why.

“A mistake does not determine a person,” Avila decided. “Who is he.”

Who should shoot the bat on the third TVThen there are quarters and fifths, until Best Buy’s TV runs out. “Data-reactid=”55″>He is the guy who messed up. He is the guy who should get better and has no reason not to do it. He should have been on the third TV, then the fourth and fifth The people who did the bat filming were gone until the Best Buy TV.

Sorry, he is also the one standing in front of you. Who wants another opportunity. Who will start at the age of 46, accumulate good days in good days, and good decisions in good decisions, until those who can reflect themselves more accurately. This is a long process and does not end, because a team thinks he is worth the risk. Indeed, this is where it begins again, just like the man he once thought he was.

He said: “I always knew that I wanted to rejoin the baseball game.” “I think this is a problem. If the game exists anywhere, the people in the game will tell you where it will be. I had a lot of things back then. To deal with, the last thing I worry about is myself, my career trajectory or what this will lead to. I have a lot of time to think and develop.

“No matter what position it leads to, no matter what position I want to hold, it will be much later than the day I packed up and went home.

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