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The owner of the Detroit Tigers Christopher Ilitch and general manager Al Avila (GM Al Avila) introduced their new manager AJ Hinch on October 30, 2020.

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of Detroit The tiger needs a loud noise.

The owner, Christopher Ilitch, knew this. General manager Al Avila knows this. Fans know this, and the pace of begging for reconstruction is accelerating, or at least getting external stimulation.

This is where the manager AJ Hinch hired by Tiger last Friday comes into play. He is a big man. This directly shows that Ilic will spend (this offseason or the next offseason) building a playoff roster before 2022, and Avila will not hinder the development of potential customers because of service time.

It’s not that he is out of bag-his involvement in the 2017 Houston Astros’ bid-hunting scandal is bound to make many Tigers fans feel uneasy before going on the court. However, if the hiring results in a return to the playoffs, then this stigma will disappear and fans will embrace success.

Xin Qi said on Friday: “The Tigers are very important to this fan base. It is our job to provide them with the quality of baseball that has been passed down from generation to generation.” “A lot of pressure was put on him (Avila), and it caused me A lot of pressure.

“This is a kind of pressure and we welcome it. The celebration of victory is different from a celebration you have never seen in any city. I look forward to providing it to supporters as soon as possible.”

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When asked if Hitch’s recruitment for Hinch marked a fight for the playoffs, he made sure to hear his own voice: “Yes, for sure.”

The Bengals participated in the World Series in 2006 and 2012, but failed in both appearances. After Detroit was swept by the Giants for five years in 2012, Ilitch’s father Mike died in February 2017. Mike loves baseball and is called “Mr.” by many people. In the mid-1940s, he was a shortstop at Cooley High School in Detroit, and even signed a minor league contract with the Tigers in 1951.

Then, in 1992, Mike bought the Tigers. He spent millions of dollars (not always wisely) to win a World Series, not only for himself, but also for the city where he grew up. Now, it’s his son’s turn to step on the gas pedal, making Tigers a competitor.

The winch is part of the formula.

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Chris Ilitch said: “Brilliant.” He recalled his father’s hire of Scotty Bowman in 1993 to coach the Detroit Red Wings. Bowman won six Stanley Cup titles at the University of Detroit and won three more cups shortly thereafter. “The team is similar. We are still developing. There is still a lot of work to be done. But I do feel that we are starting to see many positive signs of this organization. The entire system attracts a lot of talent. I think AJ is in a particularly advantageous position… …Can help us grow and become highly competitive.”

Hire winch

Imagine a 46-year-old man who has nothing to do with the Major League Baseball team and does not support the Los Angeles Dodgers. He counted down from his home to the end of the sixth game of the 2020 World Series. Most non-Dodgers fans who watched Tuesday’s game were cheering for Game 7.

Not a winch.

Xin Qi said: “I am ready to end the World Series as soon as possible.” He was suspended in Major League Baseball until the end of the World Series. “I am not allowed to participate in the interview process or any other process unless people can express their interest in talking to me. When Gardy (Ron Gardenhire) retires, show that they are interested.”

Thirty minutes after the last sound, his phone rang.

It’s Avila.

winch: “Hello there?”

Avila: “AJ, this is Al. I hope you get on the plane tomorrow.”

winch: “Of course, to book.”

Hinch was flying to Detroit on Wednesday morning. In the evening, he arrived at the meeting and accepted an interview with Avila. They ate dinner and rallied again on Thursday morning for another round of interviews.

Xin Qi said: “I had a flight home as usual. At the end of the interview, Al and I walked into the office.” “Al said,’I cancelled your flight. We will talk a little more. “An incredible partnership was established that night. “

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His wife Erin flew to Detroit on Friday morning to meet him. Shortly after 1pm, he signed a multi-year contract and raised questions at an introductory press conference at 2pm.

In less than three days, Hinch became a Tigers manager from a baseball exile.

“We are in the construction phase”

Hinch has reached the playoffs four times during his five years in Astros (including five winning seasons). But starting in 2015, he got a lot of jobs, including second baseman Jose Altuve, outfielder George Springer and left-hander ace Dallas Keuchel. With these foundations, Hinch entered the playoffs immediately despite inheriting a team that lost 92 games in 2014.

The Tigers, who have not entered the playoffs since 2014 and have not won the World Series since 1984, will not be able to achieve the same leap.

However, Hinch is full of vitality for the organization’s future, and its cornerstone prospects include the rise of Casey Mize, Tarik Skubal, Matt Manning, Spencer Torkelson and Riley Greene. If everything goes according to plan, they will enter the profession together by 2022.

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“During the interview, one of the things that stood out to me was that Al continued to talk about how we passed the reconstruction phase. We are entering the construction phase and we will enter an interesting phase. Soon,” Xinqi said. “I know where the farm system is. I know the recent draft. I know some developments in young pitchers. You look at some developments that have taken place and some developments that have taken place. I think I can move forward quickly with the help of the coaching staff. , This is an exciting opportunity, where this place is going.”

Hinch is correct. There is potential potential. The financial situation only locked the designated hitter Miguel Cabrera (Miguel Cabrera) 30 million US dollars in 2021, which shows that the Tigers are prepared to attack when they want to open up the free agency market.

But Xinqi is only a part of making tigers.

Ilitch costs.

Similarly, Avila must make a wise decision on how to use the money, whether in the market or in the manufacturing industry, to bring in some offensive talent.

Then, the Tigers will have an experienced and promising lineup of veterans, and the Tigers will have the opportunity to use Hinch as the face of the live product to revitalize themselves.

Avila said: “I’m looking for someone who is different.” “I’m always looking for someone who can work with me to lead the organization to win the world championship.”

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