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AI can detect COVID-19 by coughing

This AI is very accurate in early testing. After the research team trained the model on thousands of cough and dialogue samples, the technology identified 98.5% of coughs from people who had confirmed COVID-19 cases. It also identifies 100% of seemingly asymptomatic people.

There are clear restrictions. The technology is not intended to diagnose people with symptoms, because they may have other conditions that produce similar behaviors. Although powerful, you don’t want to use it for the deterministic determination of infection.

However, this is not a theoretical exercise. Scientists are developing a “user-friendly”

; application that can be used as a pre-screening tool for the virus. You may just need to cough your phone every day to determine if you can go out safely. Researchers even suggest that if the tool is always listening in the background, this may end the epidemic. Although this is a big “if” in the case of possible privacy issues.

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