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After three observations by the 76ers, clutch hand Joel Embiid pulled out the Heat overtime

Neither the 76ers nor the Heat have a strong team to participate in the game at Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday night.

However, in the 76ers’ last three games, this is their manpower advantage. They managed to use capital in a dramatic way, defeating an eight-man Heat team in overtime, scoring 137-134, and improving to 8-4 this season.

Two-way chess player Dakota Mathias (Dakota Mathias) nailed a go-ahead three-pointer into the game with 26.1 seconds left in overtime, which was his only score. Then he protected Tyler Herro well, forcing the Heat guard to miss a tough three-pointer from the right wing.

For health and safety reasons, eight Miami players were eliminated. The 76ers have 1

0 players, including Ben Simmons, who returned after missing the first two games due to a swollen left knee. However, Tony Bradley and Paul Reed did not participate in the match, which means it was actually an 8-on-8 match.

The following are the observations of the 76ers’ fanatical defeat of the Heat:

Embiid’s second half (and overtime), Simmons struggle

Veterans Danny Green and Mike Scott combined 12 long-distance field goals in Atlanta and scored 0 points. In fact, the 76ers had the highest offensive efficiency in the second half of the game. He scored 55 points for the team. Of 25 points. Green moved on after the intermission, scoring 29 points and scoring 9 of 21 shots in the game. He has been doing this for so long and has not been frustrated by one or two bad shooting nights.

Simmons created three-point opportunities for his teammates as usual, but the offensiveness was poor in the first half. He only tried one shot, turned it over five times, and got three fouls, including two possessions. From a game with only 18 active players, we can’t gain much. Nevertheless, even considering his recent injuries, it is safe to say that Simmons was not at his best on this particular night. He still fouled 3:29 in the regular season and had 5 points, 6 rebounds and 12 assists.

Joel Embiid took over in the third quarter and scored 20 points during this period. The big man ended the game, dropped his jumper, fouled, and did other things he wanted to do. The games against rookies Precious Achiuwa and Chris Silva were obviously beneficial to Embiid, but he still made a deep impression, especially on the second night back to back.

In the chaotic sequence at the end of the rules, Green missed a possible overtake three-pointer, and Embiid was fouled after grabbing an offensive rebound. Then, in the ensuing cross-border match, the head coach Doc Rivers raised an isolated spot in the key position of Embiid against Achiuwa. He pulled a high jumper from his left elbow to score.

In overtime, Embiid once again played at the superstar level he reached in the third quarter, hitting a highly competitive jumper and making a 76ers offense. His final statistics are: 45 points, 16 rebounds, 5 steals, 4 assists.

Rivers said the 76ers focused on using Embiid in the middle of the floor to make it harder for the Heat to be trapped.They benefit from it very much Simmons and Tyrese Maxey foul after the recently installed player.

Rivers said: “Sometimes life is luck. We have been working on this scene today before shooting around. This is called “delay”. We put it in the middle of Joel, and he becomes you in the scene. The point guard of. I don’t know we’re going to run it all in the fourth quarter and overtime, because we have no choice but to run it. It’s funny, we laughed on the bench — it’s amazing. We started working today , And eventually become our savior.”

Embiid has always had lofty wishes for him and the 76ers, and when he plays like this, they seem to be achievable.

He said: “The main goal is to win the championship, and as far as individual awards are concerned, unless we win the game, it cannot happen.” In the Best Defensive Player dialogue, there is no reason why I shouldn’t be an MVP, an NBA first team, etc.

“It all comes down to the same thing-winning. The main goal is to win the championship.”

Defensive error

We think the 76ers will stifle the Heat’s offense with Simmons and Embiid in the lineup. According to a report in “Clean Glass”, when two stars landed this season, the team’s defensive rating was as high as 102.7 points, and Miami played an important role in Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayor and Goran Dragic. All organizers are missing. There is no doubt that facing a depleted opponent, the 76ers will be similar to the team that led the league in defensive ratings earlier this season. We were wrong.

The Sixers gave Miami’s sharpshooters too much open field of vision, it was difficult to track players around the screen, and thus excessive or insufficient urgency to help them close. They also fouled jumpers and caused several serious fouls. Embiid and Simmons on the court does not guarantee a successful defense. The 76ers still need to pay attention to the details at the court end.

The team performed better in the second half, even though Herro, Duncan Robinson and two-way player Gabe Vincent all scored more than 20 points and helped the Heat achieve an impossible victory.

In this case, Rivers is not worried about the 76ers’ recent defensive problems.

He said: “In my opinion, we have a smell on the defensive end. It was a Brooklyn game. Other than that, I don’t know what we can ask our guys about now. Before that, we were One of the best defensive teams in the league, I think once everyone comes back and stays healthy, we will return to this state.”

More and more attention, increased agreement

The NBA announced that Thursday’s game between the 76ers and the Heat will now end at 7 pm and will no longer be broadcast on TNT. These games have adopted the COVID-19 protocol to compress the roster, and these games are obviously not attractive to users in the country (although the game will definitely entertain with overtime in the fourth quarter).

The NBA and NBPA announced other health and safety agreements on Tuesday. Players must always sit on the bench and wear masks, the locker room meeting before the game must not exceed 10 minutes, and all participants must wear masks, and players and team staff are prohibited from leaving the hotel or interacting with guests in the hotel. You can read the full press release on the new measures here.

Rivers said before the game: “I think it’s from the outside to the inside, so when we leave the arena and practice facilities, we just need to be vigilant because I think that’s the safest place. When we get there Outside, the real world is in a bubble.”

Due to health and safety reasons, the Celtics-Magic and Wizards-Jazz games originally scheduled to be held on Wednesday have been postponed, which has delayed six games this season. The 76ers are scheduled to play twice in Boston next week.

It is no exaggeration to say that the past few days have been bad for the NBA. Now, the game schedule is reduced, but health and safety conditions and competition imbalances are worrying. They are still a problem worth acknowledging, even in one night, it produced a wild game and an exciting ending.

Dwight Howard said: “I look at young people like Maxi and he doesn’t know what the real NBA is like. He knows the COVID NBA. I know it’s a bit difficult for these people, but we just want them to keep Optimistic, keep the atmosphere good and good. We will be fine.”

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