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Actor Sacha Baron Cohen starred in “The Borat Subsequent Film” and donated $100,000 to the church of a woman who thought she was participating in a documentary but played in a simulated comedy film important role.

Jeanise Jones, 62, believes she was recruited by the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Oklahoma City to mentor a man named “Tutar (Tutar)”, the teenager and her father came to the United States from a developing country. But Jones didn’t find out that “Tatar” was an actress until the movie was screened on Amazon Prime last week, and that the man (which she thought was the girl’s father) was actually Cohen.

The senior pastor of the church, Pastor Derek Scoby, said Cohen donated money on Wednesday. Scoby added that he and other church members did not know about the movie.

Oklahoma City reported that Scoby said he was not surprised by the donation, except that the donation amount was not large, and pointed out that the money has been earmarked for community use. Scoby added that Cohen knew that the church was the center of the community, where people gathered for spiritual hope and help.

When contacted by the Associated Press, Cohen’s representative declined to comment.

In this movie, Cohen portrays Borat Sagdiyev (Borat Sagdiyev) after returning to the United States from Kazakhstan, and together with the daughter played by Maria Bakalova as the American leader Provide “bribery” movies. It is a sequel to “Borat” released in 2006.

After the latest movie was released, many people on Twitter called Jones’s role as the hero, moral compass and breakthrough star of the movie. However, she is completely relieved that “Tutar” has never been in trouble.

Jones has not seen the movie, but she said that one of the producers of the movie called to check on her after it was released. Jones said Cohen contacted her on Wednesday, and he noted that the call was “encouraging.”

Scobey opened a GoFundMe account for Jones, saying that she believes this situation is true and that she lost her job as a counseling service receptionist because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Jones said Thursday that she was surprised to hear that $128,000 had been donated.

“It’s amazing. I will never expect something like this again,” she added. “It surprised me.”

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