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After Ruby Rose withdrew from “Batgirl”, Javicia Leslie gradually adapted

Javicia Leslie is a vegetable.

This is just one thing she and Ryan Wilder (Ryan Wilder) have in common, she played a new role in CW’s “Batgirl” in the second season of the show that premiered on January 17th. , She regarded the shawl as Gotham’s coronation vigilance.

And because she is a vegetative, when she accepts the role of “Batgirl”, she has an important question about Ryan’s backstory: Who takes care of Ryan’s plants when Ryan is away?

In a video call in late December, Leslie said: “Ryan is technically an older teenager and therefore an adult.”

; “But then I went to jail for 18 months. Where is my factory? This is very important to me.”

Even though this problem has never been solved in the exhibition, “This is important because plants are so important to me,” she said. “It is clear that the people I take care of are important to me.

This detail is not even considered by the show host Caroline Dries-but 33-year-old Leslie explained that as an actor, “you want to know why you do your own thing. You don’t want to just do it. “

These are the types of details that Leslie pays attention to when living in the character world. Only the moment she left did she remember the historicity of the new role.

    Javicia Leslie as Ryan Wilder/Batman

Javicia Leslie (Javicia Leslie) plays Ryan Wilder (Batman).


After the original star of the show, Ruby Rose, withdrew from the series after a season, in July, Leslie was announced as the new “Batgirl.” The series had become the first superhero series with a lesbian title character when it premiered in 2019. Leslie’s cast made her the first black actress to play Batwoman in any live-action movie.

Leslie said: “I keep thinking about what this means to so many people. It really has nothing to do with me. It has nothing to do with what it means to wear this suit.” “When I put on this suit for the first time. At that time, I immediately felt the great responsibility to save the world. Me, Havisia. Not even Ryan.”

She learned that after putting on a suit, “someone will be affected, someone will feel representative, and someone will feel more powerful.”

Like the original Batman Kate Kane of the show, Leslie’s character is a lesbian, but that’s where most of them resemble. When Ryan was introduced, she lived in a van with her plants. She has a criminal record, which means that job prospects are slim. In many ways, Ryan is the opposite of Kate.

For Dries who had to come up with a storyline, Dries will not alienate fans in the second season of the show, Leslie’s cast “feels like kismet”.

“Havisia is here [to her audition] …And she hits every note like I have in my head,” Dries said. She shot a comedy, shot an emotional scene, swaggered, very fragile, and very happy. I want to inject a lot of fun into this character because I I want to create a more ambitious person.”

It’s easy to see how Leslie attracted the attention of Dries and casting director David Rapaport-even through a video call, she was fascinating, thoughtful and funny.

Berlanti Productions’ “Batgirl” executive producers Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter have already known Leslie from her CBS show “God Friended Me”. Leslie’s also played roles in “MacGyver” and “The Family Business” and the 2019 rom-com show “Always a Bridesmaid”.

    Javicia Leslie

Javicia Leslie is excited to put on superhero shoes for CW’s Batwoman.

(Jason Armond/Los Angeles Times)

Although she has always been interested in performance and art, these interests are considered hobbies rather than viable careers. For Leslie’s description of a mother who is very supportive and a real-life hero, it is important for her daughter to do things that can pay her bills more reliably. Therefore, after graduating from Hampton University, Leslie found a job working for the government in Washington, DC.

“All the time,” Leslie said, “The only thing I can think of is,’This is not me.’ …This is not what I want to do. I am not a 9 to 5 person. I feel suffocated. I feel Very small.”

Therefore, after the expiration of her two-year contract, she packed up and left DC in January 2012.A few months later, she was in Los Angeles

Leslie quoted a black character in a cartoon on Saturday morning, which was the first person she could see on TV. She also mentioned that the catwoman in the “Batman” series in the 1960s was Eartha Kitt, and the Halle Berry in the “X-Men” movie series was Halle Berry.

Leslie said: “At that time, I knew that we could be in that world, be beautiful, powerful, and influential, and also be the idols of that character.”

When Leslie watched Michael Keaton’s “Batman” movie when she grew up, she said that Christian Bale’s incarnation of the character had more influence on her. She regards Heath Ledger’s Oscar winner as a clown in the “Dark Knight”, which is one of the reasons.

She said: “I am older with Christian Bale, so I can understand acting and what it means to be these characters.”

Leslie was attracted by Ryan of “Batgirl” due to her flaws, a character created for the show, which made her “very human.”

Leslie said: “I think superheroes should be perfect.” “They all struggled with certain things in the past, but you see them as these bright lights. Ryan, she is affected by what happens in life The influence is greater, so she bears a heavy burden. I think that is what I associate with her.”

Dries said that she considered switching to Kate Kane (Kate Kane) or looking for existing DC roles, etc., these roles may be transformed into Batgirl roles, and then choose to continue to play the original role.

“I think some TV shows can get rid of [recasting], But for us, it feels a little weird. “So I decided, let’s continue the storyline, but let’s introduce this new character as the Batwoman’s cloak, and keep Kate Kane’s legacy on the show, and create a mystery in the direction she goes and challenges. . “

Javicia Leslie (Javicia Leslie) as Ryan (Ryan) holding a newspaper

Ryan’s plants are very important to her.


After the actor Leslie was screened, certain elements of the character’s background story changed. For example, the early description of the character mentioned Ryan’s past as a drug dealer.

“Once we choose Javicia, I want to reorganize some of her past things to make sure we are telling a true and positive story,” Dries said. “Put some good-feeling things here, it will not make people feel confusing or look like things we have seen before.”

In addition, selecting a new Batwoman means having the opportunity to seek a storyline, and the storyline is useless in Kate Kane performances, such as a review of Crows, a private security company run by Kate’s father, in his own way Protect Gotham.

“The Crow is basically this growing fascist organization, and there is no accountability system in the city,” Deris said. “They were built for the rich and don’t care about the poor. Although we know that some crows are good people, the whole organization is flawed. I tried to get Kate to have a strong opinion on this, because it’s not her drama.”

On the other hand, Ryan has a connection with Crows, so she can be critical. Dries even described the crow as one of Ryan’s enemies in this season.

Leslie appreciates how the series solves real-life problems while nuanced while still being an interesting superhero show.

Leslie said: “I like how our show handles what is happening in society.” “You don’t have to feel like you are being pushed down by your throat, but you know this is the reality we live in.”

According to Dries, Ryan’s journey this season will be to discover that she is more than just a girl lost in the system.

“Ryan Wilder, human, commoner, she is actually a hero,” Deris said. “She doesn’t need to wear a suit to be special.”

But the symbolism of the lawsuit is still important, and Leslie believes this is the key to opening the door to more representation in the future.

Leslie said: “Now that Ryan is a Batgirl, I think this opens up the possibility of being a Batgirl, and it doesn’t matter who is under the lawsuit.” “Anyone can wear this. Set clothes and become a hero.

She continued: “I only know that this is just the beginning.” “I can only imagine, to make sure that the superhero represents everyone, where the entertainment will go. I just look forward to seeing the beginning and other shows like this. What other superhero can you get.”

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