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After canceling PS4 and Xbox One games, PlayStation and Xbox fans are unhappy

After randomly canceling another PS4 game before the release, PlayStation fans were uneasy, despite supporting the release of the game on PS5 this time.Since the second half of last year, several PS4 games have been cancelled, and now the first notable cancellation event in 2021 has occurred, thanks to PQube Games and Dual Effect, who announced this week that it is not just the PS4 version. Tormented soul Has been canned, but so is the Xbox One version.

According to the former, the reason for the cancellation was because the two of them wanted to “use the new hardware and bring a better experience for players.” In other words, according to them, the reason for the cancellation was to take advantage of the features provided by PS5 and Xbox Series X. However, the game still belongs to Nintendo Switch. Technically speaking, it is not as good as PS4 and Xbox One in performance. Xbox One.

As you might expect, users on the previous-generation PlayStation console and previous-generation Xbox console were not satisfied with this decision and were impressed by these explanations. You can find some disgruntled PlayStation and Xbox fans in the tweet replies that show the news.

In response to this message, a user said: “The PS4 and Xbox One versions are already very low to cancel, but it is a bit troublesome to cancel them when the game enters the Switch.”


Another user added: “As a PS4 user, I am very excited about the release of this game.” “If that is true, it will be disappointing. I hope you can reconsider.”

When Tormented soul It will be released later this year, and it will be available via PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC. Despite the strong opposition, there is no news to revoke the decision to cancel the PS4 and Xbox One versions. If this situation changes, we will make sure to update the story accordingly. At the same time, if you are using PS4 and Xbox One and want to play this game when it is released, please be prepared to upgrade to PS5 or Xbox SeriesX.

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