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According to reports, the Cubs traded Yu Darvish and Victor Caratini to Padres for the Future Pack and Zach Davies

This transaction is happening and has a name. The Chicago Cubs are trading Yu Darvish and Victor Caratini to San Diego Padres in exchange for a big prospect package and pitcher Zach Davies.

When these rumors started this morning is not the package you are considering:

Davis’ inclusivity is more about salary and wants to transfer pitchers from one team to another, so although I’m not ignore He, he didn̵

7;t pay much attention to the purpose of the transaction.

There is no doubt that the nature of the transaction is a pure “sell” transaction. It is moving a player with a large number of contracts to get as much potential value as possible for the very young (while offloading the contract). In this regard, I just didn’t see that the Cubs will appear before the year 2021 could have won, and you can also try to reset your roster in 2022 and beyond. That doesn’t mean the Cubs won’t do it in other ways-guys, I think they have been through it for years-but I really think that any return from the Davic trade will be in 2022 Have a noticeable impact.absence other Deals involving these prospects definitely These are the very, very long-term parts that will not happen.

You can see rolling updates on the day. Strangely, an unhappy journey. The prospects there are just a small starting point. The short version is that Preciado is a 17-year-old shortstop and a top signer of IFA in 2019, Caissie is an 18-year-old outfielder, he is the second round of this year’s Padres, Santana is a 19-year-old shortstop, Pader Reis is ranked in the top 10 in the armor system. Mena is a 17-year-old midfielder who is an important signing player for the International Football Association (IFA) in 2019.

These are good potential customers and we will explore them as soon as possible. But all of them are teenagers, we have been almost a year, and there is hardly any meaningful exploration. To my surprise, the Cubs sought returns. I mean, if they are going to trade Darvish (sigh), they may have no choice, but these are high-risk, high-risk types. All four of them. When you move a valuable player like Davide, there is a considerable risk here, let alone Calatini.

Let me put aside the experience of losing Darvish and Caratini for a while, and then do some sorting.

In the long run, this move will allow the Cubs to build a fully loaded farm system at this time next year. If there is the internal progress we hope (based on investment in development), then the upcoming IFA class will participate with Cristian Hernandez. This is another draft. If there is no loss of personnel elsewhere, yes, this system can be used in the next break. The matches are stacked. This is good for many reasons, because you will remember.

In theory, there are now more dollars available for acquisition, including the 2021 season, the upcoming 2022 class, and internal expansion. The Cubs already need to add one or two starters, even if Davis occupies Davis’s position on the roster, this need still exists. In the catcher’s position, can the Cubs be paired with Contreras, or can PJ Higgins or Taylor Gushue participate in the show, or even think that Miguel Amaya can shoot in the second half of this year?

That is, unless these dollars are deployed during the offseason to bring some truly influential short-term products in a sluggish market, the Cubs will be significantly downgraded in 2021 (actually 2022-23!). There is no solution. The current rotation is very scary. Caratini is really good. One of the better “backups” in the game.

Especially with regard to Darwish’s departure, there is still a lot to say. Regarding how he was injured in the first year of his tenure with the Cubs, he tried to find out the problem, went through ridiculous pain, and reorganized himself (again) throughout 2019 and became one of the most important pitchers in baseball. One (again) from mid-2019 until the past season. Not only is he the best of the Cubs, but he is also an excellent teammate, a good guy, an interesting Twitter follower and a hell worth seeing. Losing that bag on that player will sting.

The whole range of transactions will be introduced later. I’m still spinning.

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