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According to reports, OnePlus will launch its “9R” phones and watches in March

OnePlus may be particularly busy in March.The famous whistleblower Ishan Agarwal told 91 mobile phones According to reports, OnePlus will release at least four devices in March, including the lower-cost 9R smartphone (you are using the 8T above) as well as the standard 9, 9 Pro and smart watches previously used by the company. Although Agarwal does not have a new specification for the 9R or watch, this was a few days after Evan Blass found evidence of the 9R name on the Internet.

The 9R was previously rumored to be 9E or 9 Lite, which may bridge the gap between OnePlus’ regular flagship products and budget devices (such as the Nord N series). It comes with a 6.5-inch 90Hz display, a Snapdragon 690 chip or a 64MP main camera, which won’t surprise anyone, but it may provide more memory and batteries (8GB and 5,000mAh, respectively) than the Nord N1

0’s 6GB memory and 4,300mAh battery pack More. Both 9 and 9 Pro are expected to include a smoother 120Hz display, a more powerful Snapdragon 888 chip and upgraded camera technology (if the resolution is lower), so if your budget allows, you still have a clear incentive to spend more .

At the same time, the OnePlus watch may be a round Wear OS watch, which has some things in common with Oppo Watch RX.

If the statement is correct, you can expect OnePlus to start making fun of 9R, watches and other products in the near future. It is safe to say that this will be the largest OnePlus release to date-it will have four new major products and a full range of phones covering most use cases. Whether fans will be satisfied is another matter (damaged 9R devices will not completely scream “Never Settle”), but at least they will not be harmed by the choice.

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