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According to Gabe Kapler, Buster Posey missed the third giant training for personal reasons

The simulation game played at Oracle Park on Wednesday afternoon brought the Giants closer to the moment of preparation for the 2020 opener and also left a deep impression of the future.

Joey Bart and Patrick Bailey were two catchers in the early game, Heliot Ramos roamed the outfield and Will Wilson (Wil Wilson) and Brandon Crawford (Brandon Crawford) in the second base. All four have their turn.

The Giants’ next wave of momentum is coming soon, and last week they used the expansion of the roster to bring most of their top talent to the camp (Hunt Bishop may still be on the way after recovering from the coronavirus). The players will spend the next two months in Sacramento, hone their skills every day, and participate in class games with many former Major League players.

The following is a list of top prospects who will be part of the player base and other minor leagues that have joined the camp in recent days:

Marco Luciano

Luciano is the most exciting young player in the system and is widely regarded as the top 20 players in the game, and some evaluators believe that he may enter the top five by this time next year. The shortstop signed from the Dominican Republic two years ago and made his career debut last year, hitting .302/.41

7/.564 in 47 games, with 10 homers and 13 doubles.

Luciano will not be 19 years old until September, but he is the kind of promising person who can enter the big league before legally entering the law firm. He is not ready to enter the major leagues, but he will benefit greatly from the three-month representation that he cannot obtain elsewhere. When the minor league season returns, he should skip one or two levels.

Luciano is already turning his head, and because of this swing, he has become one of the most watched players in the camp (turn up your voice):

Joe Bart

Bart is the obvious heir to Buster Posey, and he was impressed that month in the Major League training camp. Two days before the suspension of the Spring League, he scored a 16-7 score with two homers in the Cactus League game before being sent to the minor league camp.

Last year, two hand fractures slowed Bart’s progress, but he reached Double-A, breaking the fall league-a 1.290 OPS and four homers in 10 games before the injury-and tied Started in Triple-A in April. The Giants planned to let Bart stay here for at least a few months, but even without the minor league season, he did not participate in the opening day work this month.

Manager Gabe Kapler said in a recent “Inside the Giants” podcast: “I think the best way for him to start his career is probably from a major league club? I don’t think this is his best way.”

Bart is in a charming place. With the extra lineup position and DH, the Giants can easily pick him up sometime this season. On the other hand, considering how much this is a sprint, Posey’s opening percentage may be higher than normal, and the organization can choose to prevent Bart from accumulating service time in 2020.


Heliot Ramos

Outside of Bart, Ramos is the first-round draft pick of the Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2017. He is likely to see Oracle Park in 2020. He did not enter the major league camp, but team officials hope he can go to Double-A or Triple-A, and then enter the invitational tournament in September. These will not exist this season, Ramos will need a lot of injuries in the major league outfield to get a chance. It’s hard to see the Giants want to start his game in 60 games.

For Ramos, this is still a huge opportunity. Ramos scored 16 home runs at two levels last season and finished his year in Double-A. He is only 20 years old, but now he has a summer to work more closely with well-known major leagues and experienced coaches. Ramos may continue to move forward until next spring when he travels to Scottsdale for the job of the major leagues.

Patrick Bailey

Just a month ago, they were arrested in 13th order and arrested. Kappler said that Bailey’s way of catching veterans in a simulation game on Wednesday was very enjoyable.

Cutler said: “Patrick has a lot of energy in his body.” “I really like his device, the flexibility of his ankles and hips. I think the most impressive thing is his body language and his calmness. Many people have noticed this. This is not only my point of view. People are commenting on how kind and natural he is, but they have not wavered in the first fierce competition.”

As an excellent batter and main player, Bailey can start his career in San Jose next year and quickly switch to Double-A. Soon after, he began to join Bart to participate in large leagues:

Alexander Canario

The 20-year-old is not as famous as others, but it should be. Canario ranks fifth in the US baseball system rankings and sixth in the MLB Pipeline. He has great raw power and racket speed, leading 16 home runs in 59 games last season.

Canario was very born, and his performance among minors was excellent, but it also made him a person who could receive high-quality guidance within three months, who would benefit more than anyone else.

Kappler said: “He hasn’t played a high-level game yet, and there is still a lot of development to be done.” “With Canario, gaining more experience and being with the instructor are more meaningful.

Luis Toribio

Toribio ranks sixth in both the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Organization (Pipeline), and is another promising prospect in the field of youth. According to the American Baseball Association, third baseman Toribio has “the best method in the system.” In 118 minor league games, the left-handed batter has an OBP of 0.428 and 98 strikeouts.

Farm director Kyle Haines said of Toribio: “He also has some defensive actions and it is possible to fight for strength and average.” Toribio (Toribio) until Ben The next day after the season ends, he turns 20.


The Giants considered picking Wilson in the tenth overall pick at last year’s draft, but they chose Bishop, and the shortstop from NC State finished 15th. When the Angels later wanted to abandon Zack Cozart’s $12.6 million, the Giants were happy to accept it-Wilson was the cost of doing business.

The 21-year-old won .275/.328/.439 odds in 46 games last summer and came to the camp hoping to enter the Major League with former Wolfpack teammates Bailey and Nick Swiney.

Haines said: “He is a versatile and versatile player.” “There is a chance to become an offensive contributor in midfield.”

Camilo Doval

Doval (Doval) signed in 2015 from the Dominican Republic (Dominican Republic), although not regarded as the best candidate, but he seems to have made a breakthrough. The 23-year-old has reached three figures in fastball and has a good slider. Although he did not exceed the A-ball, he came to the minor league camp this year and opened his eyes in the bullpen game.

Kappler said: “He was struck by lightning in the Minor League camp.”

Over the past week, giant officials have continued to gather in Doval. Right-handed rescuers can expand into large leagues with two good shooting opportunities, and Doval may be interested. Kapler compared him to Seranthony Dominguez, who was closer to him in Philadelphia for part of the 2018 season.

Kapler said of Doval: “This is indeed a powerful force.” “Our little league staff is particularly excited about Camilo, we all spent a lot of time watching the video. From the perspective of the thing See, this is a combination of fastball and slide, it will be played at the level of the major leagues. He needs more experience in such camps, this experience is not limited to what he does on the mound, but It also includes his ability to work with catchers to understand our short game and prepare to help us.

“Whether it’s the start of the season or the rest of the season, it’s really good for us. What I am looking forward to is not just what I just said, it is to see what happened and what happened at the camp. Everything. But many people in the minor league are very excited for him.”

Caleb Baragar

Barragal is a left-handed player who was selected in the 9th round of the 2016 NBA Draft. His performance in Richmond is stable. Last year he had a 3.57 ERA and a strikeout with about three pointers per game, and pitched for Sacramento in the three A playoffs. Kapler said that Baraga’s fastball was the most prominent.

He said: “This is the ability to compete, to enter the region and stay in the region.” “This adds another left-handed to our portfolio.”

Sam Wolf

You may recognize Wolf’s name, not just because he has been in the Major League camp for the past two springs. After the 2017 winter meeting, the 29-year-old right-handed man came to the Giants in Matt Moore’s trade with the Rangers.

Wolff had flexor tendon surgery that year and was still recovering from the trade. He also missed a period last year. While playing for Double-A Richmond, he had an ERA of 1.78 and a three-point percentage of 10.7. As a senior backup to accumulate strikeouts, Wolfe is more likely than anyone on this list, but in this weird season, the next person to be on the scene is the most likely. Kapler said the Giants considered naming him the initial player list released last week.

Kapler said: “He is older, but he is a recognized minor league pitcher and has very good things.” “For the bullpen, one thing we consider is that because we don’t have a lot of successful long history Senior veterans, so we want to open the swimming pool. That’s why you see Caleb and Wolfe here. We want to see if we can attract someone with really good things and hope to create as much competition as possible .”

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Taylor sear

The 27-year-old Bay Area man has entered the Major League camp twice and was re-allocated three times this year in the Cactus League. He returned to the original lineup and jumped into the bullpen game.

Sear looks like he will make his debut in 2018, but a broken elbow has cost him a season. Last year he returned to Double-A, with an ERA of 9.0 and a strikeout rate of 9 (9) before joining the Sacramento River Cats for the playoffs.

Chadwick Tromp

One of the six catchers in the camp, Tromp, an Aruba, is a minor league free agent who signed after seven seasons with the Red Army. The 25-year-old underwent shoulder surgery in 2018, but came back last year to post .389 OBP and hit 7 home runs in 26 AA games. He showed improved plate discipline at the higher level of minors and provided the depth of capture that was always needed.

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