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According to Epic Games leaks, Fortnite may undergo major map changes

It seems that Epic Games’ store has major changes Fort night In the pipeline, because the recent leak hinted that a major event occurred in the stadium.Due to holidays, the game has not received any major updates in the past few weeks, but will be adjusted regularly Fort night It should be a week from 2021 now. This may mean that the map will undergo major changes, which means that Epic Games plans to conduct a special event in the upcoming 6th season.

As for leaks, it is the prominent way Fort night The leaker and data miner “Mang0e”, he recently revealed on Twitter that the new variant in the stadium has been added in the latest update that does not exist in the game. More specifically, they found documents and assets indicating that the stadium is about to be filled with water.

Now, this may herald a larger event involving some kind of flood, or it may be a more isolated change. As data miners pointed out, the Romans occasionally filled the gymnasium with water for large-scale warship battles. As you can see in the leaked image below, there is a ship here and there are many docks for players to stand on.

Now, put a grain of salt in everything. Not only is there no official information here, but data mining leaks may mislead people. Of course, in video game development, everything will always change.use Fort night Specifically, we have seen Epic Games add a lot of content to the game files, which have never been integrated into the actual game itself.

Speaking of Epic Games, at the time of its release, it did not comment on this leak in any way, and this situation is highly unlikely to change, but if it does, you will be able to read it here.

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