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AC/DC is back and released a new album to fight the black market

Los Angeles (AP)​​—After decades of death and disaster, AC/DC continues to evolve.

It has been 47 years, and the closest thing to their original lineup is that the rock band released their first album “Power Up” in six years on Friday.

This is also the first time since the death of Malcolm Young in 2017, who formed the band with his brother Angus in Sydney, Australia in 1973. “Charging” Dedicated to my brother, and run through it with his spirit and song creation.

“We all felt Malcolm by our side and he was there. We are not spiritual people, but boy, oh boy,”

; 73-year-old lead singer Brian Johnson in Sarasow, Florida Tower’s home said in an interview with the Associated Press through Zoom. “Malcolm is a very powerful character in real life, and his death will not stop this. He is there everywhere, I think you can tell them in the record.”

All 12 tracks were co-written by Malcolm and Angus Young, selected by the young Young from a large number of unused songs accumulated during the longevity of the band.

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“Malcolm and myself for many years, whenever we enter an album, we always take a lot of A-level songs into our ranks,” the 65-year-old Angus Young (Angus Young) from his Said through Zoom at home in Sydney. “We always leave more stacks. These are great, great tracks.”

Most of the songs come from a period of fruitful creation. From 2000 to 2008, there was a big gap between albums. Angus Young chose the song that evokes his brother the most.

“I focus on the things I know are Mal’s favorites,” Young said. “This is a suitable project for him. He has always liked simplicity and directness, so I think, what is better than his music?”

Their 17th studio album “Power Up” was released in October, and their first single and video tape blues-style “Shot in the Dark” were released, which was full of thunderous chords and boys’ laughter that made them Become things like “Highway to Hell” and “Men in Black”. The latter is also dedicated to commemorating the important band member who has just passed away, the original singer Bon Scott, who died in 1980.

“There are similarities between Bang’s tragedy and Marr’s tragedy,” Angus Young said.

Malcolm Young suffers from dementia that can lead to death. His nephew, Stevie Young, represented him in the 2014 “Rock or Bust” competition and was “Come on” Zhong played again, although he was not a novice when he was 63.

“We will always know Stevie. Bassist Cliff Williams said from Zoom in his home in North Carolina that he has been with us for decades. “Therefore, there is no attempt to adapt him to anything. ”

After a difficult tour in 2016, after Johnson was unable to complete the concert due to his hearing loss becoming more and more serious, it seems that the classic version of the band may never perform together again.

Since then, he has been equipped with the most advanced hearing aid technology and is eager to return to the stage, especially after feeling the effect of the band’s full rehearsal.

Johnson said: “It’s really fun to be with the boys. I think I have the ability to really go out and do something.” “My ammunition belt is full. I’m ready to go.”

The album has been recorded in 2018 and early 2019, and a concert has been prepared for the planned release date in early 2020.

“We rehearsed a lot because we wanted to be able to do some performances,” Yang said. “We have been doing it for a few weeks, and then a few days later, the world started to shut down.”

When the coronavirus reached pandemic levels, the album was shelved, the band became pitch black, and when they were isolated from family and friends, they got stuck on all continents.

After nearly a year, the band and Columbia Records chose to release it in November.

“We are doing a lot of promotional activities to let people know, so as to convey the message that AC/DC has released a new album,” Young said. “I hope to cheer you up.”


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