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A new era of portable SSDs is replacing hard drives and cloud storage

A few years ago, a photo was all the rage on the Internet. A woman was standing next to a pile of documents as tall as her. Woman, American computer scientist Margaret Hamilton… and the files and lines of computer code that control Apollo 11 to help humans land on the moon. Today, the same bunch of code can be stored on an SSD more than a million times, and the SSD will not exceed the size of your thumb.

SSDs are quickly becoming the future of storage. They are replacing bulky hard drives (HDDs) and the expensive cloud storage bundles that we have been accustomed to in the past few years. A good SSD can also be universally compatible, providing you with the same freedom and access rights as a cloud storage account without a cloud connection. Take TRANSFAST SSD as an example. It is about the size of a Bic lighter, but it has an incredible 2 TB storage capacity, up to 550Mbps read and write speed, and supports almost all the devices you have, from laptops and mobile phones to tablets, DSLRs, and even Your game console.

TRANSFAST is only 73 mm (2.8 inches) long and weighs 24 grams (0.8 ounces). It has a metal body, which not only makes it look stylish and compact, but also doubles as an exquisite heat sink, ensuring that the SSD stays cool during file transfer. The Type-C port allows you to quickly transfer and read files in the SSD, making it ideal for everything from backup to use as a drive to store and edit heavy video clips. In fact, since it has the ability to read data at 550Mbps and write data at 480Mbps, you can actually transfer BluRay movies in the time it takes to read this sentence. In addition, the USB-C port provides unparalleled compatibility for TRANSFAST, allowing it to be used with Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS, DSLR, Nintendo Switch, and many other game consoles including PlayStation.

TRANSFAST is available in 1

Tb and 2Tb models, both of which are mounted in the same smooth but strong aluminum body. As lightweight as TRANSFAST, it is also shockproof and not affected by drops. After closing the lid, the TRANSFAST case is also waterproof, and to make things easier, each TRANSFAST portable SSD comes with a 3-year warranty. The early bird price of the 1Tb version is $130, while the price of the 2Tb version should be around $236-but then again, they are only a one-time payment… So why pay for those expensive iCloud and Google to increase subscription fees again?

Designer: Michael Lee

Click here to buy: $129 $219 (41% discount). Hurry up, only 1/115 left!

TRANSFAST-Universal compatible portable SSD

Powered by USB 3.1 Gen 2, this next-generation universal connectivity solution enables the stable read and write speed of TRANSFAST to reach 550MB/s, which is 30 times faster than a typical USB flash drive. Carry and store almost all data with you, right in your pocket.

Features and advantages

High-speed transmission – TRANSFAST can quickly back up a large number of multimedia files, so you can reduce the waiting time. A 20GB video clip only takes about 42 seconds.

Capacity, file transfer speed and black magic speed test video.

Universal compatibility –From DSLR to drone, from laptop to mobile phone, you can connect it to all devices. Ultimately, this will enable you to seamlessly backup, restore and transfer files between all the devices around us.

iPad Pro and Android demo video.

High capacity -More affordable and safer than cloud storage. Unlike the subscription-based cloud drive business model, all your data is stored offline on the SSD, which means you can access files without an Internet connection, thus avoiding data leakage and hacking.

Efficient design -The heat generated during high-capacity use can be evenly distributed to its surface, because TRANSFAST is manufactured separately from anodized aluminum using a CNC machine tool, which has strong durability to ensure that TRANSFAST has excellent durability and stability .

Click here to buy: $129 $219 (41% discount). Hurry up, only 1/115 left!

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