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“A good start, but there is still a long way to go”: Progressive Nina Turner on the future of Biden and the Democratic US News

w ^Joe Biden (Joe Biden) is a 78-year-old white male who was sworn in as President of the United States. Progressives have become depressed. It is only a matter of time before the headlines of “chaotic Democrats” are dusted off.

But two months later, the party maintained an extraordinary unity. Biden was hailed as an unlikely activist, and he compared it with transformative presidents such as Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson. He is known for his reputation as a stable centrist, which allows him to go further and faster.

How long can the Democratic Party̵

7;s honeymoon last?

A key arbiter of the grace period is the influence figure of Nina Turner, a long-time supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed democratic The socialists were defeated in the Biden Party’s primary election last year. She believes that the signs so far are encouraging.

“He did a good job, but we will continue to work hard, and we will continue to maintain pressure,” said Turner, 53, who is running for Congress in Ohio. “We haven’t got everything we need, but this is a good start. The people are the North Star, not the politicians among us, and they are in great demand. You have 33 million people who need a minimum wage of $15 an hour. So. , This is a good start, but we still have more way to go.”

Turner was a former Ohio senator, was the national agent for Sanders’ 2016 presidential election, led his spin-off grassroots organization “Our Revolution”, and served as the national co-chairman of Sanders’ 2020 campaign. After Marcia Fudge resigned from Biden, she shot herself at the state office in Ohio’s 11th Congressional District.

Turner won the support of New York State Congresswoman Alexander Ocasio-Cortez and the Congressional Progressive Caucus, including Jamie Ruskin of Maryland. If she succeeds in the Democratic primary elections in August and the special elections in November, she will consolidate her position as the party’s left-wing leader.

Ohio voted for Barack Obama, but it also voted for Donald Trump because the Republican Party benefits from blue-collar voters. Turner reflected: “When I ran for Secretary of State in 2014, what I heard in rural areas of the state was that the Democratic Party needed to show that people chose more than two corporate parties. The Democratic Party did.

“We have to go back to the roots of FDR and the roots of Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm-this service speaks to people in the larger state of Ohio, whether they are urban residents, suburban residents or rural residents. I know this is because I have been in Obama The president’s stump, especially in 2012.”

Biden’s comprehensive $1.9tn coronavirus relief plan, including direct cash payments to millions of Americans, and measures to reduce child poverty by nearly half, is seen as a victory for working families. But this was not an out-and-out victory: Republicans and moderate Democrats vetoed Sanders’ amendment to raise the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Turner said: “The Covid Relief Act is undoubtedly a good start. $1.9tn is a big problem; I think it is 10% of GDP. It is very strong, and it is so because the progressives keep pushing. Need to get a minimum wage of $15 per hour at the finish line, because this is the minimum, not the maximum.

“We must use systematic solutions to solve the systemic problems that existed before the pandemic. I believe the Democratic Party can do it. I will go all the way to Congress to help them.”

Biden’s bold and enterprising may soon stagnate on Capitol Hill. Senate Republicans in the minority can use a procedural mechanism called filibuster to block his legislative agenda on gun control, health care, voting rights, and more. Many on the left see the opposition as a relic from the Jim Crow era and call for its abolition so that the Democratic Party can pass the bill with a simple majority.

But Democratic senators like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema continue to support it. “They are on the wrong side of history,” Turner said. “Senator Joe Manchin needs a back. People should have heated debates in two chambers and should not be forbidden by people who want to play games with people’s lives.

“Although they receive salaries from the taxpayers’ dime, people like Manchin and Sinema have pure and pure bile, which hinders the way people get the resources they need. There exists there. Moral contradictions must be resolved.”

Manchin, who is from pro-Trump in West Virginia, defended the opponents by expressing the hope of reviving relations between the two parties. Biden had promised to reunify the country, but found that Republicans were firmly opposed to the coronavirus relief bill. Turner warned the president not to be overly nervous to accommodate the Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Turner and Sanders will be held in Rochester, New Hampshire in February 2020.

Turner worked with Sanders in Rochester, New Hampshire in February 2020. Photo: Justin Lane/EPA

“President Obama came in as a diplomat-‘I want a two-party system’-and tried to negotiate with these Republicans. Dr. Maya Angelou said: “When someone shows you who they are, please believe them for the first time. “They have shown us the identity of Democrats, and we should trust them, so I don’t want to see President Biden fall into this trap.

“This is an attempt and test under the leadership of President Obama: Republicans under the leadership of Senator McConnell did not do well, so the Democrats must control the power we have in these two years and use them on behalf of the people. The power of the people.”

“That’s why people give our president. That’s why they answer calls in Georgia, and that’s why they allow Democrats to control the House of Representatives. Now we will have to show people something, otherwise we might be met in 2022. Rude awakening.”

History and podcast host Turner (Turner) believes that opinion polls show that most Americans agree with the progressivists on issues such as the Green New Deal, cancellation of student debt, and raising the minimum wage to reforming the legal system, especially the racial system. View. justice.

“What we see comes from President Biden. Although this may not be what the progressives want, the progressives are dead. The American people may not call themselves progressives, but when we discuss these issues in depth, They are where we are.

“What we’re talking about is not radical. The people who lost contact were Senator Joe Manchin and Senator Mitch McConnell, because the last time I checked, there were poor people in Kentucky and poor people in West Virginia, like There are poor people in Ohio who need relief from their elected leaders. That’s what we want to ask.”

In the New York Times, Ezra Klein pointed out that the $190 million economic stimulus package looks a lot like Sanders’ proposal for his entire career. He wrote: “Bernie Sanders did not win the 2020 election.” “But he may have won the consequences.”

Over the years, has Turner believed that Sanders was defended?

She said: “Sometimes, people with vision will be ahead of their time, regardless of whether it is popular or not, he has maintained a consistent attitude, and now people have caught up with his vision.” “Progressive movement-but in a broad sense It’s the United States-it is Senator Bernard Sanders’ position on these issues. We will continue to work hard.”

One interesting thing about the next four years is whether Biden will go backwards – whether Sanders will yell at it. Turner added: “You can all recognize that there are people who say that President Biden is on the right path while continuing to move forward. Those things are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, I would not say that progressives will stay dry. They said we had a good start, but we must make this thing better.”

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