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A Christmas gift for fans? A good draft of a smart organization – Terry’s Talkin’Browns

About the 2020 draft

It’s usually too early to check the draft after a season, especially when the year is not over.

For example, what can you say about Brown’s second-round draft? LSU security Grant Delpit (Grant Delpit) is expected to be the starter this season. He tore the Achilles tendon and has been absent for a year.

In 201

8, Austin Corbett, not Nick Chubb, was the first pick in the second round of the Browns draft. Chubb was later selected twice.

In the Browns, Corbett is seen as a bust. He failed with a left tackle and then struggled at the back. Former General Motors John Dorsey (John Dorsey) still likes Corbett, but realizes that Nevada’s products have already won the 2019 coaching staff’s vote of no confidence.

After hitting a total of 15 spikes for the Browns, Corbett was traded to the Rams and won the 2021 fifth-round pick.

Guess what? Corbett has guarded the last 21 games for the Rams. He is not very good. Profootballfocus.com (PFF) ranks 11th out of 55 starting guards. You can argue about the rating, but Corbett will do everything possible to play for an excellent Rams team. He must be respected.

PFF ranks the Browns’ guards first: Wyatt Teller is ranked first, and Joel Bitonio is third.

After 14 games, we can draw some conclusions from the Browns 2020 draft. At least, this is promising.

It started with the “unity” sought by owner Jimmy Haslam. Chief Strategy Officer Paul DePodesta is responsible for ensuring that the front desk and the coaching staff work together.

This led to the hiring of GM Andrew Berry and coach Kevin Stevensky.

I reviewed the quotation after the 2020 draft.

“I’m very similar to Andrew,” Stefansky said. “When we discuss the draft, we have some cultural non-negotiability and some schematic non-negotiability… We all know our position on a series of issues.”

Stefanski and Berry set the mantra of “tough, smart and responsible” for the players. They want to get rid of certain character risks that the previous regime took.

In terms of the plan, the Browns are looking for players who are in line with Stefanski’s action and regional blockade plan. This requires players with football skills, as it involves a lot of pre-shooting actions.

On draft day, Berry said that the Browns have 140 names, “We think it fits what we are looking for in the Browns organization: talent, plan, character, spirit, whatever you say. We went from what we thought would become Choose from the Cleveland Browns players.”

They end with six names.

Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens, September 13, 2020

Cleveland Brown’s offensive tackle Jedric Wells (71) blocked Baltimore Ravens guard Tyus Bowser at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore to protect Brown quarterback Baker Mayfield, on September 13, 2020 Halftime.John Kuntz, cleveland.com

They won’t be addicted to miss

The Browns enter the draft and need a left tackle. There are four tallest in the class.

Brown took a gamble on Jedrick Wills Jr., believing that the Alabama star with a right tackle can learn to play a more demanding left tackle in the NFL. Wells didn’t even make a left tackle in high school.

This is a cooperative decision. Analysis, intelligence testing, and pure reconnaissance rank Wills in the elite category. But can he switch in the NFL? The last vote went to veteran offensive coach Bill Callahan (Bill Callahan), which Wells applauded.

DePodesta said on draft night: “The best player on the board is exactly where it really needs to be.” “This doesn’t happen every year. We are very happy to get Jedric.”

I heard that the Browns ranked the top four tackles in this order: 1) Wells. 2) Tristan Wilfs. 3) Mehki Becton. 4) Andrew Thomas.

Wilfs had a great year in Tampa Bay, but he played well. Thomas struggled. Becton is talented, but injured.

As for Wells, Profootballfocus wrote: “For most of the season, he has been a rock for the Browns, protecting the blind side of Baker Mayfield…in one of their most important offensive positions. A huge improvement.”

Cleveland Browns Test Shed, August 25, 2020

Cleveland Browns center back Jacob Phillips (50) practices on August 25, 2020Matt Stuckey, Cleveland Browns

Hard to know

Second rounder Del Pitt was injured.

Jordan Elliott (No. 88), the third player, showed some avant-garde potential. He took a 30% snapshot. Next year, if Larry Ogunjobi (Larry Ogunjobi) leaves through the free agent league, Elliott (Elliott) may be important. So far, Brown has not renewed the contract with Ogunjobi.

The Browns were very excited to catch Jacob Phillips (97th overall) at the end of the third round. They believe that Phillips can even become a starter and enter training camp.

But the defender hurt his knee. He tried to comeback several times, but only played 41 times in the first 11 games. He participated in seven of these games. Finally healthy, Phillips scored a season-high 22 snapshots in the 20-6 defeat of the Giants.

Defense coordinator Joe Woods said on Thursday: “He is doing a good job.” “He is a man of knowledge. When the lights are on, his hair is on fire… every one of his representatives will become better.”

Remember, only about 20% of all third-round picks become regular NFL starters.

Cleveland Browns vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, November 29, 2020

The Cleveland Browns’ near-end Harrison Bryant (Harrison Bryant) said he would make a touchdown because of the official review. Joshua Gunter, cleveland.com

Never tightened enough

Brown scored the third round on Harrison Bryant. They didn’t intend to havetily finished. But when Kobe lost in the fourth round (115th round), they quickly called out his name. Florida Atlantic’s product is the recipient of the John McGee Award and is the best performance of college football.

Some fans may remember Kobe’s two turnovers this season. Both are expensive. But the coach’s evaluation of Kobe is very high, Kobe’s shooting percentage this season reached 57%. This far exceeds the experienced dead end David Njoku (36%).

Bryant had doubts about his blockade when he entered the NFL, but it turned out to be surprising. Kobe has scored 21 passes, 3 of which are TDs. He is important in Stefanski’s heavy offense.

Cleveland Browns vs. New York Giants, December 20, 2020

Cleveland Browns center Nick Harris (Nick Harris) plays at MetLife Stadium on December 20, 2020 after offensive guard Chris Hubbard was injured.John Kuntz, cleveland.com

The center can guarantee

Just like Brown did not enter the draft to find a center, they are happy to choose Washington’s Nick Harris in the fifth round (round 160). Like Kobe, they also gave Harris a higher bout rating than he gave up in the draft.

Stefansky told Harris on draft day: “Nick has a certain degree of positional flexibility. He is a talented player who clearly matches his athletic skills…I like the makeup of this man. Once we put our hands on By teaching him the system, we will see exactly where he fits-center or guard.”

The veteran center JC Tretter stays healthy. But when Wyatt Teller and Chris Hubbard were both injured, Harris was forced to take guard action. He did a great job. He didn’t play an offense all season until the Giants played.

Cleveland Browns vs Tennessee Giants, December 6, 2020

Brown quarterback Baker Mayfield (Baker Mayfield) made the fixture for his receiver, Donovan Peoples-Jones (pictured on the left), and became the first-half receiver Runway photographer for Rashard Higgins’ landing celebration.John Kuntz, cleveland.com

You can like this Michigan guy

In the sixth round (187th round), the Browns chose Donovan People Jones. His catcher career in Michigan has been unstable.

In the Browns, he has been playing for a special team. Odell Beckham Jr. was injured at the end of the season and he played for Peoples-Jones.

In his 13 receptions, he received two huge TD catches. He also returned to kick and kick.

The coach is full of praise for his talent, professional ethics and willingness to learn various positions. In the past three games, he occupied 60% of the snapshot and scored eight goals.

He seemed cheap in the sixth round.

It is difficult to know whether players such as Phillips, Elliott, Kobe, Harris and People Jones will develop into long-term starters. But as rookies, they have been able to help as role players.

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