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76ers rout Celtics in Game 4 to keep the season alive


1; Well, after the Philadelphia 76ers made sure that this promising, pro-litigious season would not end, the big man from the franchise's last crew was still hanging in the hallway from Wells Fargo Center, slightly disturbed. Dikembe Mutombo saw Joel Embiid coming out of the interrogation room with his entourage, marching in his direction, and soon this croaking baritone drowned out other sounds from the arena.

"How long do you want to keep me waiting?" Mutombo called Embiid. "It has been over an hour."

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Embiid chuckled as Mutombo continued his playful talk of being late. Out of respect for the Hall of Fame Center, Embiid waited for Mutombo to end his wailing anger. But the quick-witted Embiid – who wears a white T-shirt that reads on the back – "Tale is tweeted again" – did not let him have the final say. Embiid shot back that Mutombo had no room to talk about delays because he had invited the four-time defensive player of the year many times to see him play in person. But only now – in Embiid's fourth season in the league, in the second round of the playoffs – did Mutombo finally show up. Mutombo had no refutation. But he had some advice.

No NBA team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit to win a series, and only three teams have managed to win the seventh game: the 1951 New York Knicks vs. the Rochester Royals in the NBA Finals, the 2003 Portland Trail Blazers against Dallas in the first round, and the 1994 Denver Nuggets in the conference semi-final against Utah. Mutombo was a member of this Nuggets troupe. And he had the most iconic image of his career in an excitement against the seeded Seattle SuperSonics in the previous round, when he embraced a basketball while lying on his back to celebrate the 2-0 deficit and win the next three games

"I told him, 'You have to keep faith [the]we did against Seattle, you can do it,' Mutombo told Yahoo Sports. "It's not over until this lady comes – and she has to sing."

With a 103-92 victory on Monday against the Boston Celtics, waiting for the 76ers in this series is over. They fended off vocals or praise for at least one more game for a season in which they discovered a future foundation in Embiid and Ben Simmons and finally saw the fun side of this controversial rebuilding. The 76ers have not won nicely or convincingly, but at the time they can not care about the aesthetics – especially if they can look back on the first four games of this series and find a piece (Marco Belinelli & # 39; s confetti-inspiring pullover with his foot on the 3-point line at the end of the regulation in game 3) or a series of games (the horrible second quarter in which they reduced a 22-point lead to five before half-time), which would make them think that they should be Team 3-1 in this series. But they are not. And they are desperate. And they remain surprisingly confident, even though they're stuck in a pothole just a little bigger than what you can find in those streets of Philadelphia.

Ben Simmons and the 76ers flattened Marcus Smart and the Celtics on Monday night. (Getty)

When he dressed in his locker room after winning, Simmons slipped a brightly colored, dazzled gold chain with a drooping kangaroo locket around his neck – an allusion to his native Australia and battle for the '76 Be more than a one-hit wonder in this series. "I'm not ready to go home and start my vacation, definitely not," Simmons said after matching surprise starter T.J. McConnell with a team-high 19 points and Embiid with a team-high 13 rebounds. "I texted Jo before the game and we talked about it, we want to be here, the time is now, it's going to cost a lot, but that's our attitude, we know we're the leaders of this team."

The 76ers should be encouraged to stay alive, though Embiid is unable to impose its will on both ends, and Simmons lanes and fast lanes find it difficult to navigate under a swarm of Celtics weapons , But they will eventually need their young stars to turn this series on its head. However, the fight did not silence Embiid. Embiid, who met with his Kansas alum Marcus Morris, said, "We in your head." Morris responded by flashing three fingers and rolling two others to a zero to signal the Celtics series. Morris then said, "I know I would not say a damned word if I was 3-1 down."

But Embiid knows no other way. And he has earned the respect of players from across the league, including Draymond Green, a trash-talking expert, for refusing to be a top candidate when he starts to giggle. Embiid rescued his most devastating words for Celtic's Point Guard Terry Rozier, which sent him into another duel that led to technical fouls for both players. After embracing the overall impression of the event, Embiid said, "He tried to beat me twice, which is a pity that he was too short and could not come to my face."

Mutombo was the only person in the party Arena, who could actually look down on Embiid, a point he made when the two posed for pictures. As he left the arena, Mutombo spotted an edge hanging from a wall, touched it without jumping, and got a "still" smile on his face. The NBA global ambassador, Mutombo, has just returned to the US after traveling through Asia, but has withstood jet lag and fatigue to see Embiid, whom he calls "the next Hakeem Olajuwon".

"I had to look after Jo at least once here, he made it hard for me, he said," You're our elder. You opened the gate for us. Why do not you come to us? We made it. "So I felt a bit of pressure," Mutombo told Yahoo Sports. "I'm so happy for him, he has a great future, it will be so bright, we just want him to be healthy, he missed two seasons, we prayed that he would stay healthy, and I am glad that he plays for the playoffs. "

And Embiid is excited that his season is not over yet and the 76ers still have a chance to repeat themselves -tweet – story

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