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6 Best Google Assistant Speakers

If you, as an Android phone user, say "Ok, Google" and are thinking about buying or already buying some Google-compatible Smart Home gadgets, you should use a Google Assistant-equipped Smart Google user Assistant has a big advantage over Alexa-based models: most of them include Chromecast, which allows you to create a multi-room audio system from a variety of Google Assistant-compatible models, regardless of brand, through the Google Home app. By comparison, to create an Amazon multi-room music system, you need to buy Alexa speakers that are specifically designed for multiple rooms and that, with the exception of the DTS PlayFi models, all come from the same brand. Google's built-in Chromecast multiroom feature is the reason why there is no "best for multiple rooms" selection in this Google Assistant list.

Be wary of speakers named "Works With Google Assistant" or "Google Compatible." Speakers marked in this way do NOT have the built-in Google Assistant. They are designed to work with an Android phone with Google Assistant. What you want are speakers that are clearly labeled with the Google Assistant Built-In.

Like Alexa, Google's own home speaker (currently available for $ 1

49) is the safe and obvious choice of Google Assistant. But like the Amazon Echo, the Google Home is best for people who simply plant it on a coffee table and occasionally ask questions. We've identified six other Google Assistant spokespersons who are more appropriate for specific purposes inside and outside your home.

Best All-Round Device: JBL Link 10

  Best All-Round Device: JBL Link 10

Why isn & # 39; t the Google Home our best all-rounder? Especially because this JBL works on its battery with both AC and DC power for up to five hours while the Home only works when plugged into a power outlet.

Battery power means that you can move the link 10 in and around your lock – in the kitchen, for example, when you need recipes, measurement conversions, and cookers, or in the nursery, for soothing drowsy music, or for audio storytelling play, or anywhere else where music or information is needed only temporarily. Thanks to the waterproof IPX7 protection, which is not available in the home area, you can even play it by the pool.

The Link 10 also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, while Home WiFi gives you more flexibility in music playback Save battery life (WiFi is a power hog). And the Link 10 is available in either black or white, unlike the Home's only option, white (although you can change the color of the speaker grill.)

The Link 10 does not produce the gentlest sound we've ever heard – It sounds a little bleak with a little distortion at higher volumes. But we've found that it produces more volume than the Home, it delivers 360 degrees of surround sound, so it's not placement-specific, and you'll get a lot of boom, clearly tuned to beat-centric modern music and younger ears. [19659002] Size: 3.39 "(wide) x 6.65" (tall)

Speaker: two 45mm drivers

Multi-Room: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Audio Inputs: No

Price : $ 149.95 on JBL

Best for the bedroom: Insignia Voice Speaker Alarm Clock

  Fits the bedroom: Insignia Voice Speaker Alarm Clock

There is no intelligent speaker that includes an AM or FM tuner the Insignia is not exactly a clock radio. But with a built-in alarm clock, eye-catching, bright and adjustable LED time display and the ability to stream Internet radio stations, this Best Buy House Brand Smart Speaker makes the best Google Assistant speaker on the bed.

During the Insignia A physical snooze button is missing, a short hand movement nearby allows for the short alarm delay and gives you an extra 10 minutes of zzzs. Similar gestures in its immediate vicinity also illuminate the speaker's buttons and reduce his volume. It's a bit on the bulky side for a bedside table – it's nine inches tall and its base is about five and a half inches square – but it delivers five hours of battery life so it keeps working when the power goes out. Or you can temporarily move it to a different location for using smart speakers. A second LED display informs you about the inside temperature and a rear USB socket, so you can charge your smartphone during sleep.

Size: 5.6 "(Width / Depth) x 9" (High)

Speaker: One

Multiroom: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Audio Inputs: No

Price: $ Best Buy for Audiophiles: Onkyo VC-GX30B G3 [19659006] Best for Audiophiles: Onkyo VC-GX30B G3 "class =" imagecenter "src =" https://www.techlicious.com /images/av/onkyo-g3-shelf-640px.jpg "style =" width: 640px; height: 400px; "/>

Wood, with its resonant qualities, is the material of choice for ordinary speakers, but its weight and mass have made it impractical for small speakers, but Onkyo says it's" a wooden case modeled on the computer with acoustic suspension to eliminate standing waves and vibrations that affect performance. "

However, Onkyo has currently created probably the best spokesperson for Google Assistant. Inside the G3 is a special one A woofer that creates a clear mid-range vocal range and features a soft-dome tweeter for gentler treble, plus individual switching gain and digital signal processing to ensure the right frequencies are delivered to the right speakers. The most accurate music reproduction is possible. [19659002] To make sure your Google As systant commands can be played without repetition, the microphone of the G3 is "isolated on a floating board in a rubber plate on top of the speaker," explains Onkyo. "Electro-mechanical interference from chassis resonances is eliminated, and the microphone's flat linearity is unlocked for accurate voice recording, so the AI ​​Assistant can respond immediately." Anyway, Onkyo does it, the G3 hears you loud and clear.

As a result of all its acoustic features, the G3 produces broad, smooth, clean music from a surprisingly compact case, along with the answers from Google Assistant please curious audiophiles.

The elegantly rectangular G3 comes in black and white.

Size: 4.75 "(wide) x 6.5" (high) x 5.13 "(depth)

Speaker: a 20mm soft dome tweeter, a 80mm pressed pulp membrane woofer

Multiroom: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Audio Inputs: No

Price: $ 199.99 on Best Buy

Best for Parties: JBL Link 500

  Best Party: JBL Link 500 [19659002ChoosingthisJBLMonsterandGoogle'simpressiveHomeMax($399)boththeHomeMaxandtheJBLLink500deliverroom-fillingdecibelsandtheformersoundssmootherformostbackgroundoccasionalorromanticmusiclisteningsituations[ButtheLink500whichJBLpraisesasthe"mostpowerfulGoogleVoiceAssistantspeakeroutthere"produces60wattsoftotalpowerfromfourchannelscomparedtotheusualsingleordual-channel8-25wattoutoutputoftheMostintelligentspeakers

In the 500s are oval black case a pair of 20mm tweeters that can produce enough crisp highs to keep up with the deep, thumping bass coming from its two 89mm woofers. In addition, the Link 500 is tuned to deliver high quality 24-bit 96kHz streaming audio, and a wide soundstage distributes the sound in larger rooms with circling bodies.

This combination of enhancement, drivers and soundstage attributes allows the Link 500 to deliver a broader, booming beat that makes it the superior dance party option. Keep it as far away from the pool as possible, as it is not water resistant.

Size: 14.57 "(wide) x 7.87" (high) x 6.18 "(depth)

Speakers: two 2mm tweeters, two 89mm woofers

Multiroom : Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Audio Inputs: No

Price: $ 399.95 at JBL, get price at Amazon

Best Outdoor Speaker: JBL Link 20

  Best Portable Outdoor Speaker: JBL Link 20

There are three qualities a good beach or pool speaker must have: splash-proof and even accidental submersion, long battery life, and plenty of volume and bass By default, the Link 20 is the best portable smart speaker for pool or beach, as it is the only intelligent speaker that has all three attributes.

Luckily, link 20 does not save any of those qualities, so it deserves its ranking. First, it's IPX7-rated, which means that it can dunk for half an hour in up to three feet will survive This means that you can play streaming music in the shower or sauna.

Second, it's up to 10 hours longer than any other Google Assistant smart speaker and can stream Google Play Music, Spotify, and Pandora via voice command.

Third, and finally, the compact Tubular Link 20 is equipped with two speakers, each delivering 10 watts of power, so it can sound 360 degrees, including resonant booming bass entertainment for any group of sunbathers or clamakers.

Size: 3.66 "(width / depth) x 8.27" (high)

Speaker: two 50mm driver

Multiroom: Yes

Bluetooth: Yes

Audio Input: No [19659002] Price: $ 199.95 at JBL

Cheapest offer: Google Home Mini

  Cheapest offer: Google Home Mini

Unlike the Audio Challenge Amazon Echo Dot (MRSP : $ 49.99, Amazon price check), Google's own small budget speaker, the Home Mini, generates relatively decent volume thanks to its relatively large 40mm speaker. You will not get a volume that will overwhelm a crowded room, but you'll get enough background music and certainly enough to hear clear answers to your questions.

The contoured Home Mini is also more design friendly than the industrial puck dot. The Home Mini not only comes in soft, whitish "chalk" and gray "coal" versions, but also in a pretty, pastel orange-red coral.

One drawback: The Mini does not have built-in Chromecast for some strange reason Therefore, it can not be part of a multi-room audio system, as the Dot can, unless you also buy a Chromecast accessory for $ 35

Size: 3.86 "(wide) x 1.65" (high)

Speaker (s): one 40mm driver

Multi Room: No

Bluetooth: Yes

Audio Inputs: No.

Price: $ 49 at Google

[Image credits: Onkyo, JBL, Google, Best Buy]

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