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5 Lions teams should target in the 2021 NFL Draft

It’s too early to look forward to the 2021 NFL Draft, but it’s never too early.

I have identified five areas that the Lions urgently need to address, and I found that there are five players on the mock draft board. These players may be available when the Lions make a selection.

These five guys all resonate with me. I want gamers.

I don̵

7;t like all the executives in the league. They love how fast they can run around the three orange cones, or how fast they can run a 40-yard sprint in long shorts.

I want football players-people who show football are important to them.

I want leaders, not Those guys who think money is football.

I want golfers-people with attitude, passion and willingness to win.

What I want is what Lions need most-people who change differences and people who change the rules of the game.

One thing these guys all have in common is that they look and feel like organizers.

These players can improve the level of the team’s game and bounce silver and blue into the driver’s seat of NFC North.

1.) Wide receiver. first round.

Detroit may be able to trade a little, maybe another third, and still get this guy-a guy that really excites me.

Detroit lacks a pure No. 1 stud in this position, which is where it is really needed. Now, no one in Lions club is excited at all.

Detroit has no gamers yet Since Calvin “Megatron” Johnson entered the house. Now, with Kenny Golloday and Danny Amendola’s futures pending, send the card.

Rashod Bateman, Minnesota, is 6-foot-2 and weighs 209 pounds

grade: A (blue chip players and elites)

The dynamic and natural receiver looks very natural. Have confidence in his strong hands. The ball can be pulled from the air and from the crowd even on the controversial 50-50 ball. Smooth traffic. So concentrated. Look at his hand. Very confident catcher. tough. Brave.

What stands out is his ability to catch short passes and yards after receiving the ball (YAC). slide. Able to break through. It looks very elegant. This reminds me of Jerry Rice. Make it look easy. Track the deep ball well and smoothly enter under the arch. There is a lot of obvious confidence. It looks very special.

2.) Defensive end. second round.

Currently, Detroit ranks 25th in the league, averaging only 1.4 sacks per game.

After drafting the fourth round of the 2018 NFL Draft, the left DE Da’Shawn Hand (DE Da’Shawn Hand) has only recorded three-yes, three-professional sacks in the past three seasons (not this season ).

As Bill Parcells once said: “If they don’t bite like a puppy, then they generally won’t bite.”

Detroit must do better to get into the quarterback, first drafting a 4-3 LDE. The team can find what they need in their backyard.

The Lions club needs someone who can take it. From everything I have seen, this person is that one.

However, there are some more sexy names.

And his injury history should allow him to move on and enter the second round.

Aidan Hutchinson, Michigan (6 feet 6 inches), weighs 269 pounds

grade: B (good player, but not elite; but he is good enough to win)

Hutchinson 5
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A strong, physically strong and instinctive defensive player with explosive power and a relentless attitude. Reminds me of Jared Allen. A good first step and show that he can burst into a blocker to create isolation. Can provide a cruel punch. Strong upper body strength. Use both hands to grasp and shake off obstacles. Will slip into the gap or stunt and suddenly enter the pocket. Swipe and accelerate into the pocket. It appears as a short burst. Want to go to quarterback. Quarterback thinking. There are tricks to deflect the pass. A devastating batsman. A solid tackler. Breathing fire. Contagious. High motor.

Wolverine likes to slide because he has this flexibility for him. Will pursue running from the inside out. competition. This kid is a four-a-side defensively. A pure football player.

Early reports indicate that he is expected to reach 100% grades within four months, which is why his grades have dropped to “B” grades. Choose a clean medical report, he announced.

3.) Security. The third round.

The Lions’ passing defense ranks last in the league PFF.

Despite the emphasis on corners, in my opinion, Duron Harmon has always been reluctant to play a role in safety-defensive passing and running-there are still many shortcomings.

The lion does not have a real “eagle-headed eagle”, but if they find this guy, they will.

Despite being plagued by injuries this season, the individual below is still considered the second best safety guard in the draft.

Lions clubs must no longer focus on patriots who could “change the culture” and attract people to produce. They need a certain attitude in middle school.

This guy may leave early, and some boards let him slip into the third round.

If Detroit can get him, he will be a serious upgrade.

Andre Cisco, Syracuse, 6’0, 203 pounds

grade: B (good player, but not elite; but he is good enough to win)

Comprehensive anti-collision and anti-collision performance, extraordinary efforts. Sturdy frame and appearance. Great play. Mixed safety/corner kick type, can fall and launch an attack. Provides flexibility.

The Eagle is safe, with 13 interceptions and 14 passes in defense during his college career (2018-2020). He can also bring a devastating blow. Able to read and jump routes and play a role on the ball. Have the ability to cover. Able to surprise. Reliable operation support. Have the ability to play.

4.) Outside linebacker. The fourth round.

I just don’t like Jamie Collins. I have never been with Jamie Collins.

I didn’t feel it in Cleveland, nor did I feel it in Detroit.

I’m Sam, and I never felt for Jamie Collins.

Whenever I write to him, I give him bad grades.

He is a capable player, but he only plays when he wants to. That doesn’t win in the NFL. This is just an excuse to collect salary.

He is also bad for the morale of the defense. For teams trying to win, this energy is terrible.

The lions need to be ups and downs in this position, they need someone who can cover up their plight.

There is a player out there who can do this and he is expected to enter the fourth round.

Jacoby Stevens, LSU, 6’0, 228 pounds

Grade: B (good player, but not elite; however, he is good enough to win)

A full-fledged and functional safety/guard hybrid type with the ability to play. Motion tweens that can be faded in the box and have short bursts. Can be fired with lightning and closed. Can be converted. Feels like a guard for him. The blow has the ability to cover.

It has been shown that he can maintain coverage, such as his performance against Kyle Pitts of Florida. Show that he can deflect the ball and compete. Show some emotion. He has something.

5.) Return to the expert/slot receiver. The fifth round.

One of the underrated but biggest game-changing opportunities in this book is having the pan of home runs and the return ball.

This changed the color of the game, something that the Lions do not currently have.

A long-term return expert gave Better starting position and scoring position when attacking, and at all times, individuals can bring it into the game.

As I mentioned before, Danny Amendola may have been there for a long time. In addition, he is now 35 years old, and the Lions need an energetic player that they can insert into the slot.

The player below provides another legal weapon for Lions, and someone can play.

This person meets this condition, and he looks likely to appear in this round.

He looks good in a Lions uniform.

KD Nixon, COLORADO, 5 feet 8 points, 185 pounds

grade: B (good player, but not elite; but he is good enough to win)

Fast, agile and tough appearance Good playing speed and attitude. The thighs and thighs are thicker. Able to explode and accelerate progress. There is his spark. Delicious and balanced. Darts. Grab with your hands. Able to catch up with traffic. Dynamic capabilities. Looks like an organizer.

Lions are much further than being a powerhouse of NFC, more than many people realize.

However, to reach the list, some subtraction and addition operations are required on the roster.

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