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3 games will define Florida-Arkansas

Immediately after defeating Georgia emotionally, the Florida Gators hoped to move on to the college football playoffs on a narrow Saturday night while visiting the swamp in upstart Arkansas (7 p.m. ESPN Eastern Time). The game also marked the return of former Gator and current Arkansas quarterback Feleipe Franks to the swamp, where he left a legacy as the basis for Dan Mullen’s planned transformation. For Franks and his former teammates, competing with each other will be bittersweet, but enjoy it.

Arkansas head coach Sam Pittman (Sam Pittman) is the head of the SEC Coaching Club of the Year and will miss the game after signing for COVID-19. In the absence of Pitman, defensive coordinator Barry Odom (Barry Odom) will make the game a full lap. The last time Odom was the head coach of “Swamp”

; was 2 years ago, when he brought Missouri to Gainesville and defeated Franks and the Alligators 38-17. This is Florida’s last loss at home, as the Gators won the SEC’s best 10-game home winning streak in Saturday night’s game.

As you will see below, the game is full of storylines, it’s a truly fascinating cross-departmental duel, and in the end it was an unexpected gift from the meeting-only expanded COVID-19 schedule.

For the Alligators, this is also a dangerous game, not only because Florida wants to beat its rival Georgia. The strength of the pigs is very consistent with the strength of Florida, and the Alligators need to play well to win.

These are the 3 matchups that define the game on Saturday night.

Kyle Trask vs. Grant Morgan

Talk about a game played in the unlikely college football hero paradise.

Trask is a former two-star rookie and an afterthought. He broke out from obscurity a season ago and became a sincere candidate for Heisman. Trask will always be Franks’ backstop and is now the heartbeat of the Florida project that controls its fate in the SEC East. His thinking and the ability to constantly check and read correctly, distance and personnel make this foul rank third in the U.S. in terms of success rate and yardage, and fifth in S&P + offensive efficiency. The main reason for ranking fourth in every pass attempt. .

At the other end of the field, there is the Razorbacks line guard and the stealing machine Morgan, who went from being an unmanned special team player in 2017 to 2020, becoming one of the most opportunistic defenses in the United States. On-site call,” Odom said, and he will have to travel to Trask, Florida on Saturday night to group personnel.

Morgan is not only the brain of football, although of course he is. He is also the number one tackler for the Hogarths (70), tied for the lead with the team in the defense of parallel passes (4). Morgan performed well with an elbow injury and his defense was also excellent. He made a revival on the defensive end. At the beginning of the season, the Hoggs team ended the explosive Miss Ole offense with a 33-21 win rate. In this game, Morgan checked the area coverage before playing this game:

Morgan’s experience (he has played more than 500 snapshots for 3 different defensive coordinators in a season) is invaluable for Hogarth in 2020. With people like Morgan and veteran Bumper Pool, Odom has simplified the work of the young defensive core of Arkansas. Including safety sports Jalen Catalon (he is organizing a redshirt freshman season), and another extra Hudson Clark (three interceptions of Ole Miss) made his name immediately appear in the Sharpie of Razorbacks lore.

Morgan has no bad games. He is too consistent. But he must do well to give Arkansas a chance on Saturday night. The Razor Guard’s defense has given up a reasonable number of yards, but it has achieved the “bend but don’t break” specialty, and ranks in the top 40 (41.2%) of the third-ranked defense in college football, and allows per yard. The code number result is (5.0). The pigs rank 9th in the red zone defense (minimum 3 games) and 15th in yards per pass attempts (6.0), which gives them the form they want against Trask and Florida. data.

Alligators will score. However, if Morgan and Arkansas can force the Trasks to make some bad choices-they have done better than anyone in the United States with 12 interceptions this season-this game is interesting because…

Franks and Arkansas can test alligator farms

Regarding Franks’ performance in the new offense, the most important thing is accuracy. Yes, before the injury ended his Gator career, he shot about 70% in Florida a season ago. But these numbers have now reached 6 games, and they are only used for the release conference, an increase of 10% over his last full season in Florida, where he is enough to win 10 games and the Peach Bowl MVP award.

Franks doesn’t have to do dunks and dunks. According to SEC StatCat statistics, he is one of the top three SEC quarterbacks for midfield and low-field passes this season.

If your safety fails, he can also punish you, as Tennessee did here:

Franks didn’t have an abyss ball like this early in his career, even if everyone remembers That throw To Tennessee. Coherence and accuracy are the hallmarks of Franks as a senior.

Mullen said this week that it’s about accepting coaches.

“When I think of Feleipe, I think of coachability. It has mental and physical resilience,” Mullen said. “There are a lot of them. I believe you can win and expect to win. They may have a better record than them. They fell behind last week, then pushed forward and then climbed back. There is a lot to say about this. Resilience It is not shown on the statistics line, but he does.

Franks also performed well in the game against the Florida Safety Zone, and they performed terribly in the deep pass game this season. The Alligators ranked 14th among the SEC teams in the Explosive Pass game and 11th among the US SEC teams. This is Florida’s top 50 in the number of yards allowed per game and the number of yards allowed per pass attempt. The main reason outside the name.

If Franks can isolate his best target Treylon Burks a few times on Saturday night, then the Hogg family’s score may be cheap. This is a big problem for a team in Arkansas. The team ranks 75th in the national yards per game and 67th in success rate. The Razorbacks strive to keep driving long distances, but if Franks can best protect Florida by hitting big blocks, then all the bets are gone.

Florida’s improved first 7 strokes vs. unstable Arkansas OL

Pittman is one of the best offensive line coaches in the United States. When he reached Fayetteville, the offensive line was one of the few things that could be a force on paper. After the opening of the camp, the Hogars team returned 6 offensive linemen with initial experience and added the depth of Notre Dame’s transfer to Luke Jones.

The unit has experienced its own moments, but one of the areas it really struggles with is passage protection. The pig ranks 101st in the country, ranking the bottom of the percentage of dismissal allowed by the SEC, giving up a 9.18% failure rate. Franks doesn’t have to be so rushed, he can release the trigger quickly and has enough mobility to avoid stress. It was just a failure in a one-on-one battle. How much has to do with Kendall Briars’s plan not being suitable for Arkansas personnel. This is a fair question, but most importantly, this is a weakness that Florida can take advantage of.

How do we know? Arkansas doesn’t even have a “if we protect well, we win” trend line. Every game this season, the Pigs have been under double-digit pressure. They surrendered at least 2 sacks in each game and at least 3 sacks in each game. In other words, Franks spent too much time running around for his life, which is an important reason why the Razorbacks rely so much on offense and trying to maintain motivation.

Florida is not very good at getting into quarterbacks, ranking only 54th in the nation in terms of dismissal rate, a far cry from the group that led the country in that category a season ago. But since Kyree Campbell (Kyree Campbell) returned to Missouri, the condition of the Gators has improved a lot. It should be able to put pressure on Franks and force him into some uncomfortable up and down distances.

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