Although in this year’s draft, the chat is mainly around the 49ers’ No. 3 pick, but they will participate in a three-day competition with 9 picks and many vacancies to fill the entire roster. Most mock drafts will stick to one round, which includes some iterations of Trey Lance, Mac Jones, or Justin Fields. This is their biggest storyline in this draft, but there are some other key requirements that need to be met in this year̵

7;s draft.

We browsed the “Pro Football Focus” simulation draft simulator and ran three rounds of simulation to try to meet some of the needs of the 49ers.

This is our trading simulation:

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Lance’s high football IQ and physical characteristics make him an attractive prospect for any team. His offensive experience requires him to do a lot of what 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan wants him to do, which makes it easy to see why a team would trade three first-round picks to promote and get him.

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New England won: 43rd

San Francisco won: 46th (round 2) and 120th (round 4)

According to the needs of the patriots, in this case 49 people may be able to draw another candidate later from them.

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Johnson may not be able to meet the immediate needs, but he is a flexible defensive guard who can provide good security. This year he may become an important factor in the injury of San Francisco, but because of his ability to play his depth and inside ability, so he can also become a long-term solution on the back end. Johnson made seven interceptions in three college seasons, including two interceptions against Justin Fields and Ohio State.

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Dallas won: 102nd overall (3rd round) and 172nd overall (5th round)

San Francisco won: 75th overall (third round)

If the 49ers need edge or defenders at this time, maybe they should wait until later. However, the jump to 27 positions is very valuable.

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It is difficult to predict the right guard position for the 49ers, because we don’t know exactly what their defensive plan will look like under the leadership of the new defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans. However, assuming they maintain a strong defense, Graham should be able to grow strong and bring resilience at the same time, which helps determine the 49ers’ defense in the past few seasons. When looking at him, his athletic ability will not disappear on the screen, but he often wanders around the football field. Before spending his final year, he worked at the University of Oregon for three years. Graham posted 8 interceptions in his first three college seasons and lost 10.5 tackles with 143 tackles.

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Joseph played for Louisiana State University (LSU) in 2018, moved to Kentucky and missed the 2019 season, then played for the Wildcats in his second year. He has four interceptions in nine games, bringing the NFL’s weight to 6-1 pounds (190 pounds). His lack of experience may be worrying, but the 49ers don’t need him to start immediately. If a player with Joseph’s size and athletic ability develops for a year, it may bring a lot of benefits to San Francisco.

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Although Johnson comes from a small school, he is relatively unknown, but he can be famous with the 49ers and Kyle Shanahan. At 5-11, he became a slot machine receiver with a weight of 184 pounds, which may be the answer to the question asked by Kendrick Bourne when he left. Johnson played 40 games for the Jackrabbits and released 162 receptions with a distance of 2,872 yards and 28 touchdowns. In his final year, he became more active in SDSU running games and scored 149 rushing yards in eight attempts. For the 49ers, this is a good choice, can hold a receiver tightly after receiving a pair of corner kicks, and Johnson has the skills to succeed in San Francisco.