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20201 NFL Draft.Chicago Bears in the Clouds: Indulgence and hopeful 7-round bear simulation draft

Ryan Pace, general manager of the Chicago Bears who was not fired but must be fired, once described organizing his draft committee as a “cloudy cloud.” For him, it was a cool way of expression, and it made him joke about his head drafting in the clouds. On the actual draft day, drafting overhead in the cloud may not be ideal, but in early April, in a simulated draft conducted on the Bears blog made by fans, it seemed entirely appropriate.

So let’s get started…

Round 1: Trade (Bears received: 29th, 62nd and 1
42nd selections in the 2021 draft. Green “Bay”
Packer“: Choose 20).

When Brian Gutekunst could no longer stand up to watch McCorkle Jones’ plunge, he triggered a rare intra-departmental transaction trigger and sent to the bear market A large number of draft picks to recruit signal callers as big as Alabama. On the bright side for Green Bay fans, the Packers abandoned their obsession with the outdated comedy comedy “The Gold Member” and turned to the classic Chicago romance “Love Jones” as the team’s favorite movie in recognition of Their two-sided play is the future of quarterback.

29th overall pick in the first round: Caleb Farley, CB Virginia Tech University

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech

Caleb Farley has a high ceiling for any defensive player in this class. His profile sounds like a classic parable for upper players: He is 6’2 tall, but has as much mobility and speed as the smaller DB, and he is a defender who turned the former quarterback into a wide receiver. , And he only has one year of defensive experience. The difference between him and most people who have this story is that the tape he recorded that year was actually very impressive. This combination of traits and performance puts him in the top ten of the league’s draft skills and Twitter skills experts. This all changed when he avoided his professional career and participated in a leisurely microdiscectomy back surgery. This is a minimally invasive method for treating lumbar disc herniation. As far as athletes return to the competition, the success rate is about 85%. This was enough to make him fall to the end of the first round, and this pick gave the Bears enough board risk discounts to enable them to select elite players in the starting position at the end of the first round.

Second round, 52nd overall pick: Rondale Moore, WR Purdue

Syndication: Journal-Courier

Moore is another elite athlete who may fall due to injury. In the past two college seasons, Lundell has missed precious time. In the two years since the end of the freshman season, he only participated in 7 games. Coupled with his ideal 5’7″ height, the league may allow the breakthrough genius to slip to the 52nd pick. Moore still has room to develop into a nuanced receiver, but he is a small, fast, physically Chasing monsters. Think of him as a pinball game. If Najib can find the game phone that hits the racket at the right time, he will jump between defenders when they frequently enter and exit the penalty area.

62nd overall pick in the second round: Quinn Meinerz, Mayor of the White House, Wisconsin

Meinerz flashed his trademark “Grinning, Naked Doctrine”.

When it comes to the prospects of DIII, it will take some strong sales at the national level and a lot of moderation to get my attention. Quinn Meinerz, the outstanding representative of the veteran bowl, easily ticked these boxes. Meinerz (Meinerz) has become the most popular awkward O-shaped informant this year for his naughty attitude and ruthless performance. Landon Dickerson has fallen into jealous madness. Alabama’s professional game is caught in the wheel of desperate attention. After the visit of the Bears scouts helped Meinerz realize his NFL potential, he conducted a montage-style exploration to improve himself during the offseason, from the Wisconsin Whitewater-Whitewater Hawks to the premier. The future is worrying. Facts have proved that D1 tackles are likely to be bowled throughout the senior grades. The Bears chose Minas wisely, squeezed him into a center or guard, and then observed the uniform trend of the Bears center and finally began to accelerate.

83rd overall pick in the third round: Cincinnati second-hand James Hudson

Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl-Cincinnati v Georgia

If it is the one-year starter of the Hudson cat, if Hudson can throw the cat in the metaphor from his back, he can grow into a promising young bear. Like Farley, Hudson also started from the other end of the ball. As a four-star rookie defensive quarterback, he played three games for Michigan State in 2018 before moving to Bearcats, where he played only one full season in 2020. If Hudson is selected by the Bears at the 83rd overall pick, it will be due to limited experience and constantly evolving skills. But he has enough strength and strength to maintain his anchor point, and is mobile, can block fast chasers and create space in running competitions. For the Bears, he is an exciting prospect because they ultimately hope to surpass Charles Leno Jr or Germain Ifedi.

Round 142: Jamie Newman (Jamie Newman) QB Wake up the forest/Georgia

New Age Pinstripe Bowl-Michigan v. Wake Forest

You think I will not leave us without a potential franchise pigskin chuck to aspire to our dreams. Jamie Newman (Jamie Newman) is a quarterback boom or bust quarterback, he has all the athleticism and arm talents you wish to have, and all the room for growth that anyone with a 4th round pick would expect . Frankly speaking, he is not my favorite post-round QB game this year-Karen I will not let the Bears waver-but he is the most imaginary person on the ceiling, and this is what this exercise is. all content. His highlight was terrible, a well-positioned deep ball hit the receiver-usually Sage Surratt-striding forward and seemingly wandering to the finish area at random. His mobility and intuition can expand the scope of the game, and as his gold pot is shocked by the d-liner, his toughness is also difficult to overcome. He has strong, rapid mobility, which allows him to be transported short distances, making his legs an excellent short distance and red zone weapon. He did not have enough opportunities to develop his back-up passing game on Wake Forest, nor did he “experience his own progress” like people always seem to be a quarterback, and it is a pity that he did not have the opportunity to participate in the game a year later. Georgia, because it may well enhance his skills.

Jamie Newman’s ceiling may indeed be a “roof”, but his floor is the foundation and the basement is not laid out. But today my head is in the clouds, and I choose to imagine Newman on his ceiling. Bear fans joined me, and when I gently hung my dream around Jamie Newman’s neck, the fur cape full of hope and the ambitions redistributed due to the failure of the Bears quarterback in the past. Young pig, gently rolling the mud, because you are rolling our dreams.

The 164th overall pick in the fifth round: LB Amen Ogbongbemiga, Oklahoma

We have reached the point where the pictures dry out in the simulation, and so has my understanding of the prospects. Fortunately, I turned to WCG draft experts Jacob Infante and EJ Snyder for help. Ogbongbemiga played an outstanding performance in the Per Jacob game with amazing closing speed and hard work, and he is also a valuable asset as a Blitzer. In addition, he has extensive experience in special teams, which will help him bring value to the team on the third day. “It sounds like he might be the next Joel Iyeigbuniwe. If he gets some reporting skills from Roquan Smith, he might grow into LB.

Round 6 with 204th overall pick: Derrick Barnes, LB / Edge Purdue

According to EJ, Barnes (Barnes) unexpectedly improved efficiency by leaps and bounds, but also showed very smooth pass coverage in the mid/short areas of the senior bowl. Smart, versatile player. “Obviously, Barnes is very happy to follow Purdue University teammate Lundell Moore to Chicago, and it sounds like he is qualified to be the next Leonard Floyd candidate, but I was selected in due course. Of course I was joking. Leonard Floyd is clearly the top 203 player.

Round 6 208: Jamar Johnson, SAF Indiana

Both EJ and Jacob were full of praise for Johnson. EJ described Johnson as “not the most talented person physically, but good enough and made up for it with cleverness/instinct. Always around the ball. This reminds me of Kevin Bayard (MTSU->10) “Jacob agreed with EJ’s nod to Johnson, adding: “Dude fundamentally sounds good at the screen and can diagnose the game and jump on the route very quickly. “Honestly, their description reminds me of Adrian Amos, whose previous Pace picks have already surpassed his draft position. I asked the Bears to select him in 208 because that was his position on the professional football network’s draft committee, but I can’t help but notice that PFF has reached 52 years old. Maybe he is indeed Adrian Amos 2.0.

Round 6 with the 221 pick: Matt Bushman (TE) BYU

EJ described Bushman as “injured.” He also pointed out that before the injury, he “excelled in that offense. He showed excellent athleticism and a very good touch.” I can think of another budget-conscious person who has “strong athletic ability” and “feeling”. well”. His name is Travis Kelce, and in Nagy’s nasty dream, a capable person may be the perfect U for Kmet Y.

Round 6 with the 228 pick: Zach Davidson TE/P Central Missouri

What is that Per Jacob,” Zach Davidson (Zach Davidson) came out of Central Missouri. He has no 2020 season, but his 2019 videotape looks incredible. He is a clumsy guy with a huge catch With a radius and strong hands, he brings excellent body control and underestimated straight-line speed to the body. Although he is short in stature, he is also a punter throughout his college career. His size, speed and physical fitness make him People are fascinated, and this might make him a good rear-wheel choice.” Of course, some of you will snub your sniffers when drafting a second developmental austerity goal, but if Pat O’Donnell is in the game Crashing his McClaren on the way, then this person can play the role of a substitute punter. Even better, he can replace his bettor in 2022 and save precious spots for the Bears.

You read that right. The Bears have three sixth-round picks and no seventh-round picks. If you ask me, one of the smartest moves during Pace’s tenure. Few people would know this, but Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady was selected in the sixth round. As Brady led the Buccaneers into the Super Bowl, this is a great value place.

I can’t wait to see these new bears in the Navy and Orange.

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